Taking the life insurance market to the digital age by providing tech-driven automated processes for everyone, easily.

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The Problem With Life Insurance, Today.

In the United States there is an $11 trillion financial gap due to underinsurance of life insurance.

LIMRA research reported 60 million US households are uninsured/underinsured.

As a result, 46% of the population has no life insurance at all.

With these numbers, the younger demographics are not buying life insurance.

This creates a big wealth gap and a burden making it tough to pass on wealth.

The two biggest problems with life insurance are:

  • The time it takes to underwrite a policy.
  • The way that policies are currently being sold.

The Solution

Harmonee provides adaptable and affordable digital life insurance products.

They are focused on servicing younger and minority populations with a faster, more simplified application processes that can adapt to their changing life over time.

If you’re an insurance agent, Harmonee will provide B2B partners with the ability to easily integrate their product into the workflow.

Thus, expanding an agent’s portfolio of products and drastically reducing the follow up time to close sales.

We are working with Harmonee to develop a cutting edge process to drastically reduce the life insurance application processing time down from 45 days to under 1 hour.

The goal is to help provide more data points and an enhanced AI-driven risk profiler, in order to have the ability to greatly reduce human error from the current process.

The Result

Squareball Studios delivered a high fidelity clickable model of the platform using a combination of Figma and Principle. It will be used both for investment presentations and usability study purposes.

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