We’ve been in your shoes at least once - struggling to find the right creative talent. However, look no further, our full product development services are set to work for you.

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Our developers find the best solutions for every business challenge. We do this by combining our proven Scrum Agile methodology with industry best practice and our battle tested Agile project management philosophy.

WebDevelopment Services

Our web developers help brands stay client-focused, creating responsive website designs and development solutions that deliver tangible business results for any industry.

Mobile AppDevelopment Services

Our product development team can take your napkin ideas and churn them into mobile apps that provide massive productivity, retention, and impactful ROI results.

IoTDevelopment Services

Get custom software development for all related Internet of Things such as connected devices and smart infrastructure solutions.

Software TestingServices

Ensure having quality software by using full-cycle software testing for security, performance, and regression. Our quality assurance team implements best practices and automation testing tools in your SaaS, websites, desktop, and mobile applications QA workflows.

Enterprise ApplicationDevelopment Services

Companies are still struggling to adapt and gain competitive advantage in today’s world because of it’s rapid change. As a result, your products fail to deliver the right ROI. See how our enterprise software developers can help you avoid this challenge.

API IntegrationServices

Squareball Studios offers custom API development into your existing software, along with third party API integration services.

Backed with human-centric data and studies, SBS’ designers provide all aspects of the experience design using our holistic four-step design process.

WebDesign Services

Our team is equipped with expert designers who have extensive knowledge and experience creating, designing, developing, and reconstructing custom websites.

Full Product Design Services

It is very common for companies to dedicate a team of designers who each specialize in one facet of a design; for example, UX Designer, UI Designer, Interaction Designer, etc. However, in order to retain vision and consistency throughout your project, we ditched that approach by blending those titles into one role.

Usability StudiesDesign Services

In order to optimize the product's user-centered designs, we provide data from a series of direct interviews on your product's target audience.

BrandingDesign Services

Branding is one of the most valuable assets a company can own. If done well, a brand can bring trust, value, recognition, employee inspiration, and most importantly, new customers.

PrototypeDesign Services

Our unique process allows our clients to start with something as simple as a napkin sketch. We do the rest to help prepare your vision for future sales, conferences, or investor demos.

Squareball Studios provides IT consulting services for small business and large.

Digital Transformation Services

Benefit from digital transformation consulting to identify pain points that need addressing. Alongside, unlocking opportunities for your business to see its full potential in a customer-centric world.

Software Consulting Services

Our IT consulting will help you automate and digitize operations, optimize the software portfolio, and implement the latest technologies.

Combining our proven Scrum Agile methodology with industry best practice and our battle tested Agile project management philosophy - Our developers find the best solutions for every business challenge.

Outsourced IT Services

Get creative designers, developers, architects, or project managers ready to extend your team. Instantly, let us put together a proven dedicated team, while still reducing overhead costs associated with bringing in internal talent and putting them on payroll.

Cloud HostingServices

We are a cloud hosting service provider that gives its clients flexible competitive pricing.

Business Intelligence Services

Our BI services allow us to help you design, develop, and deploy enterprise processes that help transform your business data into key metrics that help strategize your company’s decisions.

Maintenance Services

Our support packages range from a retainer to as needed basis. We work with you in order to derive the optimum offering.

Rescue ProjectsServices

Have you worked with an app development company where the relationship didn’t end well? Did your previous vendor overcommit leaving you with an incomplete product as the result? If you answered yes to either of these questions, we understand your struggles and frustrations. However, don't worry. That is why we are here to help. We will sit down with you to understand your situation. After, we will investigate what was provided and assist with the transition from your current vendor.

System Analytics MeasuringServices

We built an internal analytics platform that allows you to go beyond performance data. With in-depth business intelligence in place, you can easily measure your ROI as well as provide added value through product driven KPIs. This can help your business and/or product's customers to better anticipate, adapt, and scale.

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