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See how we can manage your mobile app after development.


What good are analytic services if they only tell you who is using the app based upon geolocation, the number of times that it crashed, crash reports, particular sections that are being used? This isn't even half of the picture.

Though we encourage the capturing and use of this data we feel as though there is another side that needs to be addressed. That's the value that our analytics solutions bring to our clients. Our team will work with you in defining and putting together your key metrics and will deliver a solution that takes all data points into consideration. We provide true QUANTITATIVE and QUALITATIVE analytics into your user base allowing you to make better informed business decisions.


It's great to have a cool and wildly used app on the market, but we have to remember that over 95% of mobile applications require some sort of interaction with a backend infrastructure - from games to enterprise level solutions.

Our support program provides essential services including 24/7 technical assistance, powerful proactive support resources that include ongoing performance monitoring, tuning, disaster recovery, and product bug resolution. With its highly trained and seasoned engineering and customer support team, SBS delivers complete and dependable service levels.

Cloud Hosting

Not only do we build it, but we can host it too or we can provide great offers with any of our partnered hosting vendors from RackSpace, SoftLayer, Amazon EC2.

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