Mobile App Tips: 10 Things You Need to Know

Read why UI and UX are important drivers for your app's popularity and longevity for increasing customer engagement.

Design your mobile application with the user in mind

First, what is the objective of the user when considering your app?

Why are they here?

If they download, they should feel something special and valuable when they use it.

Maximizing customer engagement means understanding what motivated the customer to download your app to begin with.

Design for user experience

As users come back to the app, users should feel immersed in your brand at all times.

I cringe when I download an app and see the logo slapped on the navigation bar in almost every screen.

A good brand implementation does not require the need to do that.

People should just know it's yours from the second they tap on your app icon from the home screen to launch it.

As shown above, remove the logo. It takes up space that could be useful and serve a better purpose instead. Users do not need to be reminded of what app they are currently using.

Focus on one task per screen

Each screen should support one goal-driven activity, which will make it easy to use.

Even though virtually everyone has a smartphone, you should design your app for the most novice user.

Make navigation easy and intuitive

Otherwise, you run the risk of losing your audience.

Go for big, simple buttons in plain English - not tech speak.

Don’t make the text too small or tight because you’ll kill accessibility and frustrate older users.

Design your mobile application for the one-handed

Roughly, 50% of Smartphone users hold their phone with one hand and 75% of users touch their screen with only one thumb.

In short, be sure to keep this in mind when designing for your customer's mobile device.

Optimize load times to make the app appear lightning-fast

If your app still has long loading times, think of ways to make loading screens (or indicators) less boring to keep your users distracted from the lengthy loads.

For example, create an engaging load indicator which has proven to help increase user experience by 27% when waiting for content to load.

Marvel Loader created by Murat Mutlu

Match your design to the operating system you’re using

iPhone lovers use their phone differently from Android lovers.

Don’t just copy the mobile app from one platform to the next.

From desktop to smartphone, tablet, or web make sure you’re interfacing properly across every screen to improve customer engagement.

Don't forget about quality assurance

One of the most important tips is to test your assumptions before going live.

For instance, how smooth were the interactions between the tester and the app?

Use grids in your mobile application design work

Grids keep everything uniform.

Grids will help you be consistent as well as create visual connections between screens.

Stick with one idea and don’t mix messages

Lastly, don't lose sight of the primary purpose of the app.

Your app should focus on one goal, one idea, and one purpose.

Anything else is a distraction that will ruin your customer engagement metrics.

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