Apple’s iOS11: What to Expect from Release

11th August 2017

Apple’s iOS11: What to Expect from Release


We feel a little bit like that Paul Revere guy, riding up and down the cobblestone, yelling, “The iOS11 is coming! The iOS11 is coming!” Most pundits agree that it is kind of exciting, and maybe even worth yelling about.

We hear there will be Siri updates that could make the old girl groovy again, along with some updates to Apple Music that might entice you to stand up and dance your best revolutionary jig.

So what are the predictions for the new iPhone operating system, and how could iOS11 change mobile app development for the future?

Fall Forward with iOS11

This fall Apple will unveil the iPhone8 along with that tag along kid sister, the iOS11. In fact, this is one kid sister you’ll be happy to have following you around. That’s because the iOS11 is rumored to have some cool upgrades to their AI (artificial intelligence) platform, Siri that might make even IBM’s Watson a little jealous. The International Business Times says Siri is going to be souped-up with, “contextual learning abilities and deep integration with iMessage and iCloud.”

For the non-geeks out there, this means Siri is going to be smarter, and probably a little snarkier. Basically, Apple has improved the coded algorithms that form the backbone of Siri’s “intelligence.” Our guess is she’ll get a little closer to Amazon’s Alexa, with the ability to launch some voice commands that sync with Apple TV and the Apple Watch.

If you’re an Apple nerd, you should be jumping up and down right about now. The next step up the AI chain for Siri is that she will learn from your interactions with her; something that she cannot do now.

Rumors are swirling that iOS11 will also improve the Apple Music app to promote Apple’s original video content to the forefront of the application. This sounds like Apple is diversifying its product line by pushing out more original music and documentaries. How about a documentary on what Siri does in her free time?

But Wait. There’s More.

We know these are vapors and rumors, but we also heard that iOS11 might dump 32-bit apps, which means older games will no longer run on your phone. Keep in mind that you’ve been warned for a while now; you’ve seen the flashing message telling you the sky is about to fall. If you’re still spending your weekends playing DOOM or Super Crate Box, it’s probably time to get a date or a real job, anyway. If you want an advance preview of what you’re (probably) going to lose in the next upgrade, go to the App Compatibility page, which can be found in Settings/General/About/Applications.

Finally, we’ve heard about the new feature that will block notifications if the operating system thinks you’re driving. Texts that come in while you are on the road will automatically get a message saying you’ll get back to them because you’re powering a 3,000 hunk of metal down the highway at 70 mph. (It probably won’t really say that.) The point is that texting while driving is bad, and Siri wants you to live another day so you can have a scintillating conversation.

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