SBS Opens Office in Colombia To Provide Nearshore Development

18th August 2016

SBS Opens Office in Colombia To Provide Nearshore Development

Colombia office now open

This year we made a giant leap forward by opening an office in Colombia to further beef up our resources so that we could continue to satisfy our customer’s needs with experts in both the engineering and design space.

Why Colombia?

Colombia is Latin America’s new Silicon Valley. During our most recent visits, there has been tremendous shifts in the technology industry: firms like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have given the country their vote of confidence and have opened headquarters in the region. This has created a large talent-pool of both young and veteran individuals in the technology realm.

Oh and yes, did we forget to mention that Colombian coffee is one of the best in the world? But, you probably knew that already.

How does this benefit our clients?

This expansion brings tremendous value to our clients by helping them to propel their objectives to the next level. Here are just a few points:

Cost Competitiveness. Although cost is not the most important, it is one of the main reasons why companies are turning to nearshore. Choosing Colombia allows us greater flexibility when working within our client’s budgetary constraints. Our nearshore operation minimizes our recruiting, training, and overall overhead costs. We are now able to extend a good portion of this savings to our clients.

Speaking the same Language. All of our staff members in Texas and Colombia are proficient in both English and Spanish.

Time-Zone Alignment. That’s right! Colombia shares the same time during Central Daylight Time with only a 1 hour difference during Central Standard Time; which means that the maximum time difference between any US office and Squareball Studios’ Colombia delivery center is only 1 hour.

Creative Talent Pool. Colombia is the 3rd largest IT services provider in Latin America. While a total of 14.1% of Colombia’s students graduated from areas related to the software and IT sector.

Close Communication. Continued direct collaboration, strategic planning, and management with our state-side team. In addition, we can provide face-to-face communication with the team in Colombia as trips can be facilitated by the numerous daily non-stop flights between dozens of major US cities and Colombia.

Does this change the Intellectual Property (IP) Protection?

Not at all! Our team members in Colombia sign non-disclosure agreements and submit to employee background checks.

To all of our existing and potential clients; we are excited to continue to provide exceptional services and we look forward to you embarking on this journey with us!

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