Mobile App: 7 Ways to increase User Engagement

9th August 2016

Mobile App: 7 Ways to increase User Engagement

You’ve finally put together a mobile app for your business. That’s because you know that customers who use a mobile app are generally more likely to view a business favorably and purchase its products.

“With thousands of mobile apps available in numerous categories, the challenge today is to get your customers to keep using your app”.

Here are 7 ways to boost user engagement for your app:

  1. Get ’em hooked immediately. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. In the world of mobile apps, that translates to providing an exceptional user experience the first time the app is used. This means loading the app fast, providing intuitive tabs/links/placeholders, and offering value to the user immediately.
  2. Make the app valuable. Your mobile app will be fairly useless over the long term if it only repeats the information that’s found on your website. Therefore, make sure that it provides value every time users open it — so they have a reason to keep coming back. This may mean updating the app periodically in response to trends or new technologies.
  3. Think in real-time. E-commerce and merchandise browsing features are great, but the most popular apps have “real-time” appeal. Like up-to-the-minute stock quotes or commodities prices. Or product price comparison capability. Or QR code scanning for additional label information. Or recent reviews from other customers.
  4. Embrace push notifications. These are opt-in alerts that serve to get the user’s attention and direct him or her to a specific place on the internet. Push notifications can include images, video, or links in addition to text, so they can be utilized for a wide variety of purposes, like letting users know about new promotions, time-sensitive deals, app updates, or additional app content.
  5. Remember the community. A good app is extremely “social” in nature. In practice, this means providing options to like, share, or recommend the app to other users on established social media platforms. Also, the app should endeavor to create its own community of users who can comment on, discuss, and promote the app as well as the business itself. After all, a user who is engaged with a community will be more engaged with your mobile app.
  6. “Gamify” your app. Users are more likely to return to your app if there are games to be enjoyed. The easiest way to accomplish this is to award “points” for using the app for certain functions — from opening it once a day to browsing new merchandise to making a purchase with it. Because today’s mobile device users are competitive, many of them will do anything to be the best at whatever they can; so why not allow them to try to be the top user for your app?
  7. Provide substantive rewards. Finally, you should provide a means for users to leverage their points into something tangible, such as discounts, gift cards, free items, or sweepstakes entries. People love to redeem accrued loyalty points and receive “something for nothing.” So you get a loyal app user/customer, and they get deals and free stuff. It’s a win-win!

It may be daunting to realize that after enduring the lengthy process to create a mobile app for your business, you have to work to retain and boost user engagement. But taking appropriate measures to make your app stand out is vital in today’s competitive marketplace.

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