iOS 10: 5 Fast Facts and Initial Impressions

26th August 2016

iOS 10: 5 Fast Facts and Initial Impressions

Hot off the press! Apple has released iOS 10 for public beta testing. While the iPhone 7 isn’t likely to be a remarkable innovation in terms of hardware, the real story here is the software. You probably don’t want to update your primary phone with incomplete, unproven software, and we don’t blame you. So instead of junking your iPhone to get a sneak peek, we’re providing you the answers you seek — risk-free. You’re welcome.

Backwards Compatible No More


If you’ve been hanging on to an older 32-bit Apple device, it may not be compatible with your new iOS 10 device. It may be time for an across-the-board upgrade.

Apple didn’t drop the ax on all 32-bit devices, but a number of older models are no longer backwards compatible with iOS 10, including all of the devices with non-Retina displays. Those that are still compatible include:

• iPhone SE
• iPhone 6s
• iPhone 6s Plus
• iPhone 6
• iPhone 6 Plus
• iPhone 5s
• iPhone 5c
• iPhone 5
• iPad Pro 9.7-inches
• iPad Pro 12.9-inches
• iPad Air 2
• iPad Air
• iPad 4
• iPad mini 4
• iPad mini 3
• iPad mini 2
• iPod touch 6

Siri Now Open to Third-Party Developers

Apple has now opened Siri to third-party developers. This means that you can now begin using Siri with apps that aren’t on Apple devices. It will make numerous apps voice-controllable that weren’t previously. Of course, the inevitable outcome is in the hands of the developers now. Stay tuned for updates.

Gone With the Swipe

Frankly, my dear, you’ll get used to the new “Press to unlock”.

The feature affectionately, yet unceremoniously, dubbed “Slide to unlock” (which was a defining characteristic of the iPhone experience) is no more. It’s been replaced by “Press home to unlock”. Exactly how it works differs depending on whether or not you’ve authenticated with Touch ID. Though it’s a little difficult to get used to, once you adapt you’ll probably like it even better.

All New iOS Keyboard

The iOS keyboard is also getting a renovation, fluctuating briefly back to a previous beta version and eventually landing on a later version. Currently, what has changed are the sounds the keyboard makes, specifically different sounds when using the space bar, return key, and backspace key, which sound somewhat different from the default keys. While this sounds so trivial, a number of users actually miss the old standard sounds. It’s possible Apple will allow users the option to use the old sounds when the finalized version comes out next month.

Mega Changes for Messages

If you simply can’t express yourself without emojis, you’ll be happy to know you can go back and retrofit your messages with emojis even after you’re done typing.

While Messages will look quite a bit different, most of the changes are pretty superficial. But since this by far the most-used app, it got quite a bit of attention at the recent preview. Emojis are shown three times larger in iOS 10 than in previous versions, and are automatically suggested when appropriate. If you’re in the middle of typing a message and open the emoji keyboard, it automatically scans the text for words that have an emoji alternative and mark those. All you have to do to replace the text with the equivalent emoji is tap it.

In addition to emojis, there are other visual effects that you can apply to your messages, as well as a feature that allows you to enable or disable read receipts. You can change these by contact or by group. Additionally, you can opt to send low-quality images if you so choose.

You Can Now Delete Preinstalled Apps

There’s something to be said about regular, consistent, insistent complaints. Sometimes, after years and years of whining, you can actually get something done about your problem. Such is the case with the ability to delete preinstalled apps like Stocks, Tips, etc. Though Apple didn’t make a big production about it at the recent preview (crow tastes disgusting, or so we understand), but it’s worth a mention nonetheless.

Is it a blast or is it a bust? Well, we’ll let you be the final judge. Besides, a lot can happen between beta testing and final rollout. Stay tuned!

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