How the Right Developer and Designer Bring Out The Best Work

9th October 2016

How the Right Developer and Designer Bring Out The Best Work

Whether you’re in the industry of auto manufacturing, fashion design, or software development, there is an age-old clash between form and function:

  • Developers see the entire world in terms of producing a useful, well-working UX (user experience). They’re all about function.
  • Designers work tirelessly to produce a beautiful UI (user interface). They’re all about form.

If these two find ways to meet in the middle, your software development project boasts a stunningly beautiful UI design, as well as a brilliantly-designed UX. Here’s how to marry form and function for astoundingly successful software development.

Mutual Respect & Value

“Good form doesn’t mean bad function, nor does good function mean bad form. It’s not one over the other; it’s striving to do both incredibly well”.

In the end, an attractive design and a well-functioning design aren’t at odds at all. Both the UI/UX developer and the UI design specialist are working toward a successful product. An ugly software UI won’t score you any customers, nor will a gorgeous UI that doesn’t work right. Both are essential.

Learn an Established Order

When it comes to software development, some have had success designing a sexy UI, and then having developers build a slick UX behind it. Others begin with intelligent working parts, and then finish it off with a gorgeous exterior glossed up by artful UI design. Either way works, so long as both processes are done with respect for the work of the other. If changes have to be made to the design, there needs to be collaboration with the designer. Similarly, if the functionality needs to be changed to make a particular design strategy work, there should be an open, honest discussion with the developer.

Open, Honest Communication

“True genius comes from putting all the heads together and thrashing out the best solutions for the problems that present themselves”.

You also need to look for the ability to communicate well. Don’t expect that your developers and designers will communicate any better with one another than they do with their customers. As a designer; find a developer that must understand your concepts and listens to your thoughts, opinions, and concerns. Be open to their suggestions when they try to explain why something you want won’t work in practice. Good communication doesn’t mean you’re in constant agreement. It means that both sides feel free to express their thoughts and opinions, and both sides listen. Then, they all work together for the common good of the software development project.

Internal Processes That Support Open Communication & Collaboration

It’s easy for any software development company’s representative to sit in your office and talk about how well their UX/UI design and development teams get along, knowing full well that the teams are probably back at the office, engaged in a simmering brawl as they speak. Listen for explanations about the processes and procedures the software development teams have in place to assure that they deliver their customers great-looking software that works well, too.

Software development and software design are like the chicken and the egg. It doesn’t matter which came first or which goes first, but the world desperately needs them both.

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