Clutch: How it can Help Businesses

22nd June 2018

Clutch: How it can Help Businesses

2018 Top Mobile App Development Company Dallas

Everything is bigger in Texas, right? Well here at Squareball Studios, we hold truth to that old saying in terms of the results we bring to our customers.

Did you catch the feature of our VP/Senior Creative Director, Andrew Sosa, in Inc. Magazine?

If Inc. thinks we know our stuff then we clearly are onto something.

Before I get side tracked – let’s focus on customers.

As mentioned, customers are the lifeblood to any agency’s continued success.

Therefore, it is priority that one is providing phenomenal services for them.

However, how can we make sure you’re delivering the type of results that customers are looking for?

For this, we look to Clutch.

Clutch is a third party platform that collect customer reviews through an interviewing process.

They provide us with reviews left by our customers, which in return helps our company improve where needed.

Feedback one wouldn’t typically get

For example, Clutch listed how our first reviewer, the founder of a coupon network said some great things about how we handled his web project in the following areas:

  • Rating
  • Quality
  • Value

They said, “They [Squareball] made the project stress-free and had high energy throughout. I’ve never worked with a more solid company”.

Another reviewer, a founder and president of a tech startup in the Dallas-Fort Worth area had some great things to say about how invested we were in his project.

He said, “They [Squareball] are a smaller company so they’re more invested in what they’re doing and what their team is putting out”.

Clutch collects these reviews so that they can rank the companies on their site and to help businesses looking for development companies to hire.

We plan to continue to climb this list by getting more of our customers to leave reviews on Clutch.

Our recent presence on Clutch’s website has created such a splash, that their sister website, The Manifest, created a profile for us on their Dallas App Developers page.

On The Manifest, you can see a crisp snapshot of what we’re all about.

Interested in learning more about what it’s like to work with our mobile app and development company?

We encourage any business that’s thinking about working with us to check out our profile on Clutch to read all the great reviews left by our customers.

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