Client Spotlight: Travis Wilmore, President at CrowdMerger

11th October 2016

Client Spotlight: Travis Wilmore, President at CrowdMerger

We had the pleasure this month to sit down with President and founder of CrowdMerger, Travis Wilmore. The minute he stepped into our office the synergy was immediate and we couldn’t wait to get going on delivering a mobile app to better expand his firm’s service. We were excited to be apart on the idea on the service his company was trying to achieve and we hope that you will too. Here is his story:

So Travis, give us the rundown about you?

I am from the Dallas-Fort Worth area where I have lived for over 30 years. I have worked in the Information Technology for over 10 years which has helped me develop the vision for this app. My goal is to be able to help businesses increase their revenue while also saving consumers money. I am also passionate about helping improve communities which is why CrowdMerger donates back into the local communities of our clients.

Tell us about CrowdMerger?

CrowdMerger is a digital mobile advertising business designed to allow businesses to easily advertise directly to consumers in their local communities. CrowdMerger utilizes the new-age technology of mobile app alerts and push notification messaging to deliver deals directly to  consumer’s mobile devices in real time.

What inspired you with the idea of CrowdMerger Deals?

My inspiration for this app came from seeing how costly it is for small-businesses to advertise in their local communities. Small businesses don’t usually have the funds to advertise on TV, Radio, or Print. These advertising mediums can also be very inefficient as they cover a larger area then the businesses’ needs. Print and email advertising are also discarded many times without even being read. My app solves this problem by allowing businesses to advertise to consumers in their local communities more effectively and with lower cost.

Who would you say is your target audience? And how does it benefit them?

This service targets two types of audiences: businesses that want to increase their revenue and consumers who are looking to save money at the places they already shop. I help businesses increase revenue by offering deals in real-time, allowing more flexible marketing techniques. In return, this allows consumers to save more money.

What can you tell us about CrowdMerger Deals that makes it unique for your customers?

What make CrowdMerger different from other apps is businesses are able to send deals to consumers in real-time. Businesses can also create deals that are valid from a few hours to days. This allows businesses to target consumers when additional sales are needed most. With my app [CMDEALS] consumers are able to easily find and select which businesses they would like to receive deals from to their mobile devices.

How was your experience overall working with SBS team?

I enjoyed working with the SBS team. They were able to develop my ideas into a functioning app that I am very satisfied with. They helped me think of new features and ways to enhance my app [CMDEALS] making it better.

What are your upcoming plans for the app?

My focus will be on gaining users in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but I plan on expanding to other cities as we grow. I also plan on releasing an Android version of the app and adding new features as well.

Visit CrowdMerger to learn more or download the app here.

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