Client Spotlight: Tracy McWhorter of ValetNow Mobile App

19th January 2018

Client Spotlight: Tracy McWhorter of ValetNow Mobile App


We had the pleasure this month to sit down with CEO and founder of ValetNow, Tracy McWhorter.

Tracy, tell us about you?

I am a very family oriented person. My family is what drives me day in and day out to be the person that I am. My grandparents raised me and I believe they instilled the values of their generation while I was able to still grow up in mine. It taught me hard work and dedication can accomplish anything as long as you have the vision to push yourself towards it.

ValetNow mobile app preview

Tell us about your startup and what motivated you to create it?

…people are not carrying cash

I felt like the valet industry had been the same for decades and our times are changing. More and more people are not carrying cash and the ability to pay for valet services, find them, and it being a personal experience could change the entire process for the better.

Who would you say your service is geared for? And how does it benefit them?

I would say that is a two fold question. On one hand it will provide the driver with a Valet experience above anything they have ever had. You can just pull up and the valet booth knows you are coming and who you are when you arrive. You walk back out and hop in your car that is sitting right there waiting on you and drive off. Never having to give the valet company a claim ticket, cash, or anything.

On the other hand it benefits the valet company more than anything ever before. They can immediately allow their customers to see every valet stand in the city, state, or in the country for that matter. The valet companies can now track every car that valets, what the tips are averaging, how often people valet, how one stand performs against another down the street. The analytics of this app will allow things that have never been seen before in the industry.

What inspired you with the idea of ValetNow mobile app?

Honestly, I believe it was a gift from God. I rarely valet, but for some reason the idea just hit me like a ton of bricks one day. I probably thought about the idea for months before deciding that there could really be something there and I should go for it.

What can you tell us about ValetNow that makes it unique for your customers?

It relieves the stress of valet parking. It gives the customer the control to let the valet stands know they are arriving before they show up, it personalizes the experience and makes the process effortless.

How was your experience overall working with the SBS team?

It has been a pretty good experience. We had several meetings, and then the Squareball team went to work.

What are your upcoming plans for ValetNow?

To launch in the DFW Metrolplex with a few valet companies to get the app out there and show the value of it. Over the course of the first full year, I hope ValetNow becomes a go to for any valet company and our customers are so happy and excited about the ease of it they begin marketing the app to valet booths themselves.

Any advice to those thinking of working with an agency?

You only live once, working with a company that is locally based vs. one half way across the United States creates a process that is more personal.

Visit ValetNow if you are a valet service looking to automate your process.

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