Client Spotlight: Scott Hunter

7th November 2017

Client Spotlight: Scott Hunter


We had the pleasure this month to sit down with CEO and founder of Koobel Network, Scott Hunter.

So Scott, give us the rundown about you?

“I am a rather simple person with plenty of ideas.  My passion is to take those ideas and create something that can be of great benefit to others.  This project was years in the making but I stuck with it through thick and thin.  I am just excited about the opportunity to see where this can take me”.

Tell us about your startup and what motivated you to create it?

“The idea behind Koobel Networks is to construct a concentrated hub of local coupon deals.  Through strategic local partnerships, our company turns any major or medium sized city into a evolving ecosystem of local deals and advertising which is easily accessible to our end users based on their geo-location.  As our network of partnerships grow, we envision having a coast to coast network that will frequently be updated with new features while maintaining dedication and ease of use for the end user.

The motivation stemmed from how difficult it was to find local deals.  Most websites are aggregates that are difficult to navigate, often focus on corporate offers while minimizing local deals, and not to mention there are hundreds of different sites which can make the search for local deals quite tedious.  Do I look here, or there?  My goal was to flip that model on it’s head and create on site that consolidates these offers”.

Most websites are aggregates that are difficult to navigate…

What inspired you with the idea of Koobel?

“My inspiration was born of frustration.  I enjoy any discounts that can be found, but those local discounts are still found mainly in my mailbox as printed material.  This is a digital age.  The coupon industry needs to catch up”.

Who would you say your service is geared for (target audience)? And how does it benefit them?

“My services are geared to end users seeking out discounts in their local area.  The discounts that will be available encompass multiple areas including restaurants, service/repair, music venues, sporting events, home improvement, and many more.  By creating a website that consolidates these local discounts into one location, ensures local end users can find a multitude of deals and specials in one quick swoop”.

What can you tell us about Koobel that makes it unique for your customers?

…we actively seek to partner with several types of companies and offer them our search tool icon which can be integrated into their own websites.

“What makes our site unique is the fact we keep our eyes on the ball, and we understand what type of company we are and to focus on that endeavor to ensure a positive experience for all who visit.  Through this simple philosophy, our website design is specifically tailored for ease of us and navigation not only for our clients but also the end users who come searching for deals.  Further, as part of our business model, we actively seek to partner with several types of companies and offer them our search tool icon which can be integrated into their own websites.  This allows any user to click the icon and gain access to our coupons through a pop-up window, and in so doing, we create a functioning and wide-ranging ecosystem or any users.

Additional features, which will soon be added in such as Koobel Numbers will allow for companies to offer up special deals directly to end users who have redeemed coupons from that company in the past.  This is a passive feature and the end user can choose to review it, and redeem it if they so choose”.

How was your experience overall working with the SBS team?

I would recommend SBS to any company or individual in the need of an excellent and dedicated development studio without question.

“Working with SBS has been a tremendous experience.  I am very grateful that I was lucky enough to find them.  I would recommend SBS to any company or individual in the need of an excellent and dedicated development studio without question.  Our company will be partnering with SBS for future projects for certain”.

What are your upcoming plans for Koobel?

“Koobel Networks has quite a few plans for the near and distant future.  We have already begun building our client base in the DFW area and will be expanding quite quickly to other portions of the country.  We are also looking at new projects on the horizon and are beginning to research those”.

Any advice to those thinking of working with an agency?

As one who was worked with several agencies, I would always recommend working with a local studio.

“I believe it is vital to be able to meet face to face and discuss all aspects of the project on a frequent basis to ensure the project is running smoothly, and of course to deal with any development issues or needed adjustments that will likely arise”.

Visit Koobel Networks to learn more and start saving now.

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