Client Spotlight: Kristina Leigh Wiggins

17th December 2016

Client Spotlight: Kristina Leigh Wiggins

We had the pleasure this month to sit down with serial entrepreneur, architect, and founder of Simpleigh app, Kristina Leigh Wiggins.

So Kristina, give us the rundown about you?

“I am an architectural designer from Midland Texas. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Texas A&M College of Architecture with a Bachelors of Environmental Design in 2001. Upon graduating I married my high school sweetheart and started my career in The Woodlands, TX. I knew I wanted to be an architect since I was a young teenager but it was in The Woodlands that I discovered my passion for high end residential design and management and have worked in that industry since 2001. At age 23 my husband’s job moved us from The Woodlands back to our West Texas roots and shortly thereafter I decided to start my own architectural design company. I was so blessed that very quickly my new business exploded and within the first year I was carrying an almost 1.5 year waitlist and building wonderful relationships with my new client base”.

Tell us about your book and what motivated you to have it published?

“As my new business took off and it became apparent that I could not take on any new work, I began to really focus on how I could help people with their new homes when I could not physically take on their project. It was during this time that I decided I needed to write a book to help guide people through the process of building a home and over the last two years I have worked to do just that! My book, ’Building Your Home: A Simple Guide to Making Good Decisions’, takes my knowledge from my years of experience of designing and managing residential construction and explains step by step what to expect, how to survive the process, and how to make good decisions through it all”!

What inspired you with the idea of Simpleigh app?

“In all of my years on job sites I realized that one of the hardest things for both clients and builders is to stay organized and on schedule. I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent watching clients flip through papers or scroll through the images on their phone trying to locate images or information on an idea or product they liked. The same is true for the builder who would often misplace information on a selection that a client made, which is easy to do in the chaos of building a home. It was these hours watching people scroll through image after image after image on their phone giving their poor finger a workout that I knew I needed to develop an easy way for people to stay organized and so they could find what they are looking for quickly”!

Does the app tie to the book? And how?

“The book and the app are perfect companions! The book guides you through the process of building a home so you can make good decisions and the app keeps you organized during it all. Although the book and app can be used separately they are most impactful when used together”.

Who would you say your service is geared for (target audience)? And how does it benefit them?

“The Simpleigh App is geared for clients tackling a remodel or building a home. It is also a perfect tool for the builders and designers they will be working with. The App is an invaluable tool for any job site regardless of size and budget. It allows the user to easily tag their pictures, add notes, share their project with others to get feedback and send spec sheets at the touch of a button of all of their selections. The user will no longer have to worry about shuffling through their phones or papers to find what they need, the app makes it easy to be organized and being organized on a job site gives you a first class ticket to keeping your sanity”!

What can you tell us about Simpleigh that makes it unique for your customers?

“Simpleigh is unique because there is simply nothing else like it! Part of what can be overwhelming when doing a remodel or building a home is all of the endless selections you have to make and keeping track of them. Clients will make a selection on plumbing for the kitchen for example and then a couple of weeks later go to make their selection for lighting fixtures and forget what in the world they had just selected on plumbing! The app takes that stress away. All you have to do is snap a picture of your selection, tag it in your app and the app does all of the rest of the work for you”.

How was your experience overall working with the SBS team?

“It has been amazing to watch SBS take a mix of ideas that were in my brain and a few of my rough sketches and turn it into all that Simpleigh is! They literally made a dream come to life right before my eyes”!

What are your upcoming plans for the app and book?

“I am thrilled to say that the app is now available for purchase in the Apple App Store and my book will launch in March and be available for pre-order soon at Barnes& and Over the next few months I will be focused on educating clients, builders and designers about the app and watching the Simpleigh community grow. My hope is that the app and book make the adventure of remodeling and building one that is full of organization, confidence in your selections, and joy for the user”!

Any advice to those new to remodeling or home building?

“When you have made the giant decision to take on a remodel or build a new home the first thing you need to remember is that you are building a home for you and your family, not for your architect or your opinionated best friend. What you like is most important. So go grab my book and purchase the Simpleigh app and start the journey of figuring out what your dream design looks like for you”!

Visit Simpleigh to learn more or download the app here.

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