The Augmented Reality Revolution is Here (and It’s Growing Businesses)

26th September 2017

The Augmented Reality Revolution is Here (and It’s Growing Businesses)

Augmented reality (AR) is about to make the leap from a novelty to part of the business paradigm. AR blends the digital realm with everyday elements, enhancing or augmenting our day-to-day reality. This is different from virtual reality, which is a completely digital world.

This year is AR’s breakout – company adoption is on the rise.

At our studio, we looked at how AR is impacting and transforming the way dozens of industries are doing business, from mobile apps to corporate training, to product design.

From Pokemon Go to the International Space Station

Pokemon Go was really the breakout, even though AR has been around for years. According to Tech Target, Go was the most successful app in the Apple Store to date. Now businesses are jumping on the AR bandwagon in some new and startling ways:

  • Starting at the top, a company called Aexa Aerospace is using Microsoft’s HoloLens AR glasses to train astronauts on the International Space Station.
  • A little closer to home, Ford is using the HoloLens to help with car and truck design, instead of using the traditional clay models.
  • Case Western Reserve University is using the HoloLens to teach students human anatomy.
  • LensCrafters lets customers try on glasses virtually via their new app. The software allows you to go online, upload a video or photo, and try on glasses without shopping in a store.
  • Ikea has teamed up with Apple’s ARKit to let consumers upload a picture of their home and let them virtually see furniture in a room before they make a purchase.
  • Snapchat has Geofilters, or AR overlays that let you add everything from glasses to bunny ears to your selfie. You can even change the background to make it look like you’re on Mars or some other exotic location.

These are just some of the businesses taking advantage of the AR craze. Juniper Research says AR apps will grow to $2.4 billion by 2019. That’s because businesses know that AR can provide some real benefits. Website Magazine says AR can help businesses in the following ways:

  • AR can reduce training time.
  • Workers are likely to remember training if they actually see and interact with this technology.
  • AR can cut training costs and improve worker efficiency.
  • Improve communication.

Digi-Capital says the market is going to continue to expand, particularly for AR apps, to $108 billion by 2021.

AR can reduce training time and streamline processes.

Augmented Reality for Customer Engagement

Most noteworthy points to consider as we see an increase in customer engagement as a result of augmented reality:

  • User experience will likely help these apps go viral on social media.
  • They will help keep customers interested in your products or services and help your company stay top of mind.
  • These apps usually include customer analytics, which will help companies stay informed on user trends.

It’s clear that while augmented reality applications are just getting started in the marketplace, there is great potential for the technology to ignite a spark with consumers and companies seeking to leverage these benefits. Is it time for you to tap into that potential?

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