5 Ways That App Development Can Save Your Business

7th February 2013

5 Ways That App Development Can Save Your Business

Increasingly, business is mobile. More and more customers have a smartphone in their pocket and rely on apps to find directions, find the best prices on products, download coupons, and locate businesses for daily purchases. But is mobile app development right for your business?

In a word: absolutely. In fact, it’s becoming crucial. Businesses without a mobile app are increasingly being left behind. Your customers are doing more and more of their computing and conducting more business on the go, and just like a website and email address are crucial for a business that needs an Internet prescence, mobile app development is crucial for businesses if they want to stay in the forefront of customer minds.

Here are five ways that mobile app development is vital to the modern business environment.

  1. They Offer Effective, Direct Marketing to Those Who Most Want Your Message
    It’s difficult, at best, for any business to stay in touch with customers. Direct mail, newsletters, email lists, social media … a lot of these strategies take time, cost money, and are, at best, inefficient.An app, however, is “opt-in” marketing. You can place it on app stores across multiple platforms, and the customer downloads and uses it. You’re reaching out not to customers who will toss your message in the recycling bin or send it to the spam folder, but to direct, engaged customers who want your products and trust your business.
  2. They Make It Easier to Use Your Business
    It’s in the interest of every business to limit the amount of “friction” in a transaction: That is, to make the process of reaching your business and purchasing goods and services feature as few steps as possible, and streamline those steps.Using mobile app development, you can allow customers to interact with your business on their schedule, and allow you to reduce friction. If a customer can use your app to make an appointment, book services from your business, and contact you directly while on the go, they’re more likely to use your business and use your business more often.
  3. They Bring New Customers to Your Business Without Needing Them to Walk Through the Door
    A well-developed app, one that makes customers happy and makes your business simple to interact with and use, draws attention. Customers who have a good app experience, who download an app and discover your business is easy to interact with through the app, tell their friends. In turn, their friends download the app, allowing you to bring in customers without them having to visit your offices.
  4. They Give You a Broad Base to Push Promotions and Test Concepts
    With an app, you’ll be able to stay in touch with your best customers. You’ll be able to send them coupons perfectly timed to key moments in your business, and send them marketing research, such as short surveys and other questions. You can find out what your customers want, and also have them reach out to you.
  5. They Make It Clear That You’re Staying Ahead of the Technological Curve
    More and more brands have an app. It could be a complex app that allows customers to interact with the business, or it could be a silly widget built to promote the company. But increasingly, apps are crucial for attracting attention.

Without an app, you run the risk of being left in the cold and seeming out of touch. As apps become easier to use and computing shifts from the desktop to the tablet and the smartphone, websites will become less important and apps will come to the forefront. Just like many businesses that refused to develop a web presence regretted it, the day is coming where not having an app means putting your business at risk.

So get ahead of the curve, and help your customers work with you: Focus on mobile app development.

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